about me
Born in/Lived in:
• Born in Lisbon, PT;
• Lived in Santiago, Chile; Madrid, Spain; Belfast, UK;
• Lives in Cardiff, UK.

• Product design;
• Built environment for sustainability;
• Public Space and Urban Regeneration: Art, Theory and Heritage Conservation;

Previous Career:
• Product designer;
• Professor/Researcher in product design;
• Volunteer in underprivileged communities.


This journey began in 2013 when my family and I moved to Santiago, Chile. After several months of fruitless job hunting I felt the need to occupy myself and started attending pottery classes. And that was my turning point: I rediscovered my creative essence and the joy of working with my hands. 


My actual work is an ongoing exploration of the various possibilities of reducing the meaning of an object to its essence. My ceramics pretends to go beyond the object obvious significance and looks for absolute simplicity in form. I am interested in the object itself but also in the spaces around, above and within it.


I would describe my practice as research led, which means that my work is a combination of research in functional aesthetic principles and sculptural aesthetic criteria. This way of working requires a continuous movement between the tangible and the intangible, between geometry and unpredictability, between balance and movement, between rationality and chaos. My ceramics endeavours to catch echoes of all this whilst trying to embrace the unplanned and the unexpected uniqueness.